Commanding Officer's Welcome

Flying Officer (AAFC) Mark Parr

At 713 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC), you will be one of 13,000 cadets across the country to experience one of the leading aviation-oriented youth organisations in Australia. 

With the support of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), our organisation undertakes to develop Australian youth in a military and aviation environment.

We strive to better equip young people for community life by fostering initiative, leadership and discipline through training programs which are also designed to stimulate an interest in the Defence Force.

From this, the following specific aims have been developed:

  • To give cadets a foundation of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) knowledge and discipline
  • To develop qualities of leadership, self-reliance and initiative
  • To develop character and good citizenship in the widest sense
  • To develop an interest in the RAAF and aviation generally
  • To instill a knowledge of aviation history, and
  • To encourage cadets to continue an active interest in aviation into their adult life.

Our squadron motto "Strength Through Youth" embraces the underlying philosophy of the AAFC. Through mentoring by our Instructors of Cadets (IOC) and Officers of Cadets (OOC) our cadet youth are guided and develop an array of skills which in-turn empowers them in the management and running of our squadron.

As a cadet of 713 Squadron you will have opportunities not normally afforded to the general public. 

Cadets who progress within the AAFC undoubtedly achieve their potential and more often go above and beyond. These young people are highly regarded in the work force and many of our cadets find careers in the ADF or the aviation industry.

If you like the thought of making new friends, learning new skills, having fun and mixing it up in a military context, we welcome you at 713 Squadron AAFC.


Mark Parr

Flying Officer (AAFC)

Commanding Officer

713 Squadron - Australian Air Force Cadets